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Creating Animated Video Backgrounds That Stand Out

How to select the perfect background for whiteboard animation videos! Explainer videos typically have set styles that not many companies stray away from.  We like to think of ourselves as experts in many of those styles, however we aren’t afraid to jump out of the style box, so to speak.  We pride ourselves on not…

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Using Whiteboard Animation Videos for the Medical Industry

If there was ever one field that needed an explanatory video, I think we can all agree that it’s the medical industry. Trying to figure out my own insurance, payments, procedures, etc is difficult enough, and imagining organizing it for a surgical facility, let alone a group of facilities, makes me cringe. Enter Medibis (Medical…

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Whiteboard Animation: Meet the Inventor of Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation is a growing trend that combines a simple whiteboard background and a (hopefully) creative story. The illustrator or web video presenter will draw on the whiteboard, telling the viewer a narrative, creating a detailed, fun way to explain a product or service. A little history – don’t fall asleep! When you think about…

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