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Shortening your Video’s Message

When trying to sell your product or service to potential clients there is a tendency to go on and on, dishing out details upon details, because it’s your baby and you firmly believe it is the best thing ever!  Don’t lie because we both know it’s true. It’s easy to talk endlessly about something you…

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Video Marketing with VidYard App for Hootsuite

We probably don’t have to tell you this, but online video is becoming the way we digest content these days. Did you know that 22% of social media users regularly incorporate video into their posts? With mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones, there has been double the engagement of video usage on mobile…

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5by: The Video Concierge That’s Changing the Video Experience

Casually walking down the street you walk by a person wearing a t-shirt with the words “5by” imprinted on the front. Thinking, “Did I read that correctly?” you take a second look. Yep, you did. 5by is turning heads, people! This application is on the right path to becoming something huge within the next year,…

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When to Use Google Glass and When to Leave it at Home

Google Glass has been out for a couple of months now, so we are all beginning to see people with those weird-looking glasses.  I find myself giving those people a double-take, kind of…they have something on their glasses, no wait, is it, yes it’s Google Glass.  I’ve seen tourists wearing them while seeing sites in…

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Meet the Founder of Online Video Production Company, Revolution Productions!

With each blog post, we give you insight and commentary on the world of video production and website videos. But do you ever wonder about us? Our hopes and dreams? What we really want in life? No, probably not. But maybe you do wonder about the founder and how Revolution Productions came to be. That…

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What is an Explainer Video?

We’ve all seen them. But if you’re not a video insider, you probably didn’t realize that explainer videos are a “thing.” Explainer videos exist to explain how stuff works, but how do you explain an explainer video in the first place? Let’s first look at what goes into web video creation known in other circles…

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