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The Psychology of Color: How to Use Color in Video Animation

When creating explainer videos, companies usually have a good idea about their logo and background.  But, what about everything else?  What colors should you make the buildings in the background? What about the computers? What about the clothes people are wearing?  Though these might seem like simple questions, color has the ability to affect viewer’s…

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When to Use Google Glass and When to Leave it at Home

Google Glass has been out for a couple of months now, so we are all beginning to see people with those weird-looking glasses.  I find myself giving those people a double-take, kind of…they have something on their glasses, no wait, is it, yes it’s Google Glass.  I’ve seen tourists wearing them while seeing sites in…

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YouTube Offering “Play in 3D Option”: Useful or Pointless?

Last week, YouTube announced that they will offer users a “play in 3D option” that will convert short-form videos to 3D automatically. This option, launched last September, was formerly only available for YouTube creators, but it has now been expanded to all YouTube users. On their blog, YouTube explains the technical side of this conversion…

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Revolution Productions’ Latest Video: Site5

Have you been wondering what we’re up to behind the scenes as we provide you all this useful information about web video creation? Well the truth is, though we love blogging, the real action is happening in the videos we’re constantly working on for our clients. One of the projects we’re particularly proud of this…

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Who Does the Talking? Giving Your Video a Voice

As we take you through the steps of how to make online videos that will knock the socks off your competition, another important choice to make with your online video production company is what kind of voice your video will have. This means who does the talking, and here’s a hint: it’s probably not you.…

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Why Home Page Explanatory Videos will ROCK your Website

If you frequently browse web pages in search of cutting edge software or new products, you have probably seen videos pop up describing a company and what they do. Not all websites have these web videos, but lately it has become a growing trend in the online space. If you’re new to the idea, you…

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