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On a Budget? 6 Foolproof Ways to Market Your Brand with a Product Video

Want to sit back in your chair and watch your products fly off the shelves? You do? Well, what are you waiting for? Put them to work, and have them be the star in their very own product video! What is a product video? The answer is simple: it’s a brief small business web video…

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Cheap Explanatory Videos for a Tight Budget

So you want to make a video, but since you haven’t made a video yet, you’re not rolling in cash. Lucky for you, making a video with little money is very simple and even luckier for you (today must be your day) we’re going to tell you exactly how. We’ll take you through step-by-step of…

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What the Heck is Stop Motion?

So you’re interested in stop motion to make your product demo video, just one problem…what is it? The technical answer is that it is an animation technique that uses objects moved in small increments between photographed frames, which create the illusion of movement when you place the series of frames continuously. Soooo that’s confusing. Another…

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3 Components of a Successful Viral Video

We’ve all seen it (and if you haven’t you’re living under a rock) – the Joseph Kony 2012 video from Invisible Children. And we all have opinions on it – some think it’s great, some think it’s pointless, some just don’t care. Either way, this video was pushed in our faces and created a viral#…

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Really Taking the Plunge: Deciding what Technique to Use in your Explainer Video

So we’ve already told you what an explainer video is, and we’ve already told you why you need to use an explainer video. Now let’s go to the bigger questions of where do I even begin?? Those questions, or sighs of confusion, come up once you’ve decided to actually go forth and make a website…

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