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Sales funnel

How to Create Explainer Videos Aligned with the Sales Funnel

No matter if your company is B2B or B2C, you probably have some sort of sales funnel set up to push a prospect down to becoming a client. Depending on your company, your sales funnel could be more or less complicated, but the basic idea is the same: Take an unknown person who could use…

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7 Experts Weigh In On The 2016 Video Marketing Landscape

As we arrive at each new year, the technological landscape for video marketing advances, and we, as video marketers, must adapt in tandem. Part of the process of acclimating in a timely fashion is assessing the popularity and ubiquity of the video technologies and platforms and forecasting what will become of them in the coming…

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expert roundup

9 Marketing Experts Reveal the Most Common Explainer Video Mistakes

Explainer videos are a crucial part of any company’s online marketing strategy, but many errors can be made. Making a successful explainer video is a multi-step process that needs careful attention during every phase. We asked seven video and marketing experts what they thought was the most common occurring mistake companies tend to make in…

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5 Uncommon Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Video Production Company

There are thousands of video production companies worldwide, so choosing the right one to make your company’s explainer video is no easy task. Your search can be narrowed when you start to see other videos you like and find what company made them or when you ask for referrals. Most likely you’ll end up filtering…

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Video Title

An Inside Look At What Makes A Great Video Title

After you make an engaging video, your work is not over; next, you have your video’s title to consider. Though it may be a small piece of your video’s content, it is a powerful piece. The title heavily influences whether your video is clicked on or not.  Think about all those newsfeeds, friends’ profile pages,…

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Basecamp Interview: Utilizing Visual Content to Your Company’s Advantage

It’s no secret that online content has gone the way of visuals, and if you want to keep up with your competitors you need to integrate dynamic imagery, storylines, and even animation into your marketing strategy. But in which type of visual content should you invest? It isn’t a one size fits all type of…

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Marketing Video Tips

6 Proven Marketing Video Tips for Improving Conversions

Consumers are increasingly expecting authentic and visually-engaging brand advertisements if they are to make a purchase. Thankfully, online video is a powerful tool that can help brands fulfill these expectations and convert engaged audiences into buyers. Although there are no exact rules on how your brand should use video to improve conversions, there are best…

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Are personalized videos the next big trend

Are Personalized Videos the Next Big Thing? Marketing Experts Weigh In

Video personalization is rather new, but it seems to be becoming a trend in the video marketing world. Companies like Nike+ and Cadbury have begun to incorporate personalized videos into their active marketing strategy. Meanwhile businesses that focuse exclusively on providing personalized videos in real time, have increased immensely in popularity. For example, in email marketing,…

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Video ideas to fuel your inbound marketing strategy

Fresh Online Video Ideas to Boost Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

In the past few years we’ve seen online video become an integral part of inbound marketing strategies. Now companies are looking for new ways to leverage this medium more than ever to generate leads. Maybe your company was on the bleeding edge of its industry and incorporated online video ahead of the curve; otherwise you…

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Online Video Leads to Conversions

How Online Videos Lead to Conversions

If you are undecided whether or not you need an online video to boost visibility and sales for your product or service, you haven’t noticed the strong wave of online content videos that are making all the difference for businesses today. According to Invodo, in December of 2013 as much as 188.2 million people in…

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