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How Your Business can use Short Form Video

Short form videos offer incredible benefits for a company’s website and are growing more popular in the small business and startup market – for good reason. Studies show that short form video serves as an effective way to communicate with customers; for instance a study from Insivia suggests that 80% of users recall a video advertisement…

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Multiple Videos for One Company

Your business probably has multiple target audiences, and the best way to target each individual audience is to create a series of multiple videos. This can be a challenge, as it’s not easy to effectively communicate to multiple audiences with just one style of communication. How do companies deal with this dilemma? Using multiple videos. If…

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Landing Page Video: Why You Need It

One of the best ways to use video is on your landing page of your website. Have you ever come across a website where your first impression of the company was an attention-grabbing, memorable video? That is the type of impression that sticks with the audience and garners interest from consumers all over the world.…

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