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Does Your Brand Need a Marketing Video Strategy?

2015 has been renowned as the Year of Video Marketing, so you’ve most likely had a meeting or two about how your brand is going to showcase its product or service in video format. Whether you have started a video or not, your brand does in fact need a marketing video strategy. Why? Because everyone…

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Venngage Interview: Is Video Shaping the Future of Visual Content?

We can now say with certainty that consumers are far more likely to read and engage with information that includes visual or interactive content. Companies are jumping on board and creating data visualizations and infographics that are increasingly more interactive. Not only does the addition of video and interactivity make content more memorable, but it…

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Using Video Metrics to Collect Better Data for Lead Generation via KISSmetrics

KISSmetrics: Using Video Metrics for Better Lead Generation

In the past, marketers were limited to only a few points of reference, such as number of views and plays, when analyzing how well a video performed online. Today we have access to advanced metrics that can help marketers pinpoint areas within a video that are most – and least – engaging. There are a…

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Cloud Based Email Deliverability

Cloud-Based Email Service: Meet SendGrid

One of the most important elements of any communications strategy is email, whether it’s a for lead generation, customer outreach or as part of a campaign. But, even the best designs and marketing campaigns in the world won’t work if they aren’t reaching their intended audiences. Email deliverability is an extremely important aspect, and may…

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The ROI of an animated explainer video

The ROI of an Animated Explainer Video

It takes time and money to convert a visitor into a customer. So how do you know if your online explainer video was worth the investment? At this point, the value of incorporating video into your digital marketing strategy has been all but universally accepted. But, while online explainer videos have proven to be successful…

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Three ways to test and measure video performance

Three Ways to Test & Measure Online Video Engagement

Now that you’ve created your online video, you want to make sure that your storyboard and images are captivating enough to create a good return on your investment. Making sure that your target audience engages with your message is key to the success of your marketing strategy, and we’d like to recommend our top three…

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Online Video Leads to Conversions

How Online Videos Lead to Conversions

If you are undecided whether or not you need an online video to boost visibility and sales for your product or service, you haven’t noticed the strong wave of online content videos that are making all the difference for businesses today. According to Invodo, in December of 2013 as much as 188.2 million people in…

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Video Marketing for Cloud Based Services & Web Apps

Video Marketing for Cloud Based Services & Web Apps

Video marketing is a great channel to utilize when working with cloud-based service and web apps. In our experience, we have found that with most cloud-based platforms, there is no easy way to describe the product in a short message without leaving out important features. If your business offers cloud-based services, here’s a listing of a few…

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Triumph Learning Whiteboard Animation

Online Video Solutions for Educators

With rise of technological solutions for educators, we have seen a wave of companies find success selling online video solutions aimed and addressing a wide range of challenges faced by today’s teacher. These companies are tapping into video as a wonderful medium for communicating their value proposition.  Let’s take a look at two different, but…

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the roi of an explainer video

How do your Product Videos Increase ROI?

The average product video costs between $5,000 and $10,000 USD to produce, so marketers are under the gun to present results generated from that investment. That being said, online video trails only featured articles in terms of ROI for content marketing according to a recent study by In order to appropriately measure ROI and…

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