Just how easy is it to create a video with Revolution Productions? Very.

Follow these six steps to get an idea of how we can work together to create your ideal online video.

  • 1 Script-Concept Development
    First things first, want to get an idea of what you are thinking for your video, so we will send you our ‘video concept questionnaire’. Don’t panic, these are simple questions about your project for us to get more of an idea of what you want. Typical questions ask about style, desired results, length, and deadline. We’ll also have a conference call to chat about what you want, so that we can complete the script-concept development. What’s that you ask? It’s a structured document broken down to each frame of the animation with the ‘script’ and ‘visual description’ element. Then we go back and forth on feedback until you are happy with it.
  • 2 Design Concept Development
    Sounds tricky, right? It’s not…for you at least. Step two is where we will produce three distinct design styles using the script-concept as a basis. You can choose the illustration/design style to be used for the animation and give feedback on what you’d like to be changed.
  • 3 Storyboarding
    Step three is when we produce the storyboard for the whole animation. See it’s still us doing the work! This is the visual elements of the animation frame-by-frame with the script. This is bit like a comic book strip. For our storyboards we use actual vector illustrations and graphics so what you see is what you’ll get in the animation. And again, you give us feedback, we cater to your needs, feedback, needs, feedback, needs. Don’t you like the sound of that?
  • 4 Voiceover
    We’ll send you a sample of voice-over artists we use for our work. You’ll tell us which one you prefer or we can do a talent search to find you a voice-over artist you like. Then we record the full voice-over and re-record, if necessary.
  • 5 Production
    This is where we pull everything together. We’ll animate and perform the composition of the stop-motion animation. We’ll produce the first complete version and send you a link to get your feedback. We’ll then submit the final animation in any resolution you need. Aren’t we accommodating?
  • 6 Hosting
    We did it! Final step! In step six, we recommend video hosting for you since how quickly the video streams is important. We’ve recently partnered with an excellent video hosting company who offer discounted rates for our clients.

And there you have it, the six ridiculously easy steps to getting the video you want. More questions? Send us a message and we’ll talk you through it!