We’re not Guerilla Fighters…but we want to make a change. When deciding whether or not to start a new video production company, we realized that we wanted to change the way videos were produced in terms of quality, content, and pricing. We knew there were so many companies out there producing videos but without the quality and careful attention needed to have an impact. We realized a video revolution was in order.

By being based in London and Buenos Aires, Argentina our team encapsulates the best of both worlds: unparalleled web video services, flawless customer service, and powerful strategies for getting businesses to the top with video. Argentina, the ‘Paris of the South’, allows a haven for creativity, innovation, and fresh ideas unattainable in other countries. Buenos Aires blends the artsy elegance and old world charm of Europe with vivacious energy of Latin America. Our dynamic team stems from all parts of the world which creates a powerhouse epicenter of talent.

Meet the video rockstars

Over the years we’ve assembled top grade talent to produce the amazing web videos for businesses. Here is some more information on those geniuses who make the magic happen:

anish patel - founder & head producer

In 2008, Anish Patel arrived in Buenos Aires, Argentina after quitting a 4-year stint in investment banking in London, where he was born and raised. With a deep passion for web video production and motion art within mediums such as TV and Film, he started producing video content for an online web channel there. Over world-class steaks and Malbec wine he convinced a talented team of motion graphic, 3D, cartoon animators and video editors to join the revolution (yeah, we said it). Little by little, the gamble paid off as Revolution Production gained global recognition for helping businesses put their name into the spotlight with powerful and creative videos.

andrea cingolani - head of animation

Andrea is Revolution Productions’ dynamic professional illustrator, animator, and graphic designers, who lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After a successful career in publishing and TV, she kept on globetrotting, working for numerous clients all over the world. To Andrea, illustrating is the best way to give life to her creations. And we do love all of her creations, as they keep our clients very happy.

adrian karpenkopf - art director

Adrian is the illustrator, character designer, and visual communicator for Revolution Productions. He is from Buenos Aires, Argentina, joining the team with extensive experience in advertising, communication, and graphic design. Adrian is always creative, curious, and passionate, which makes him a key player at Revolution Productions. When Adrian isn't creating beautiful artwork for Revolution you'll find him rocking out in his band Capitán Veneno (Captain Venom).. Truly a Revolution Rock Star!

jenny conrads - project manager

Jenny worked as a video journalist for many years before moving to Argentina in 2010 to pursue artistic interests. She has been around the world studying and working -- living in Berlin, Australia, Argentina, and the US. She has produced videos for television in the fields of both politics and the arts, which allows her to bring business and creative video production ideas to our team.

katie campbell - client services specialist

Katie has been roaming the world, both working and submersing herself in unknown cultures, since longer than she can remember. She absolutely loves meeting new people making them feel special. At Revolution she works closely with our clients to make them feel 'loved' and hold their hand throughout the process. Always willing to help and make each experience a positive one. No doubt, she's got your back on your project.

rich tyler - head of business development

Rich moved from Austin, Texas to Buenos Aires in 2008. He brings over 8 years of business acumen to Revolution Productions. As the first point of contact, he understands the importance of being able to recommend the most powerful animation style for clients' messages. When he isn't facilitating continued growth of the company, he's practicing his pop & lock and uprock.


Revolution Productions’ close family-like culture allows open creativity which always benefits the client. We have a fun yet driven atmosphere which shows in our work. We’re friends, which yeah..sounds cheesy, but we’re cheesy people that can make darn good videos! We love what we do, and we’re not afraid to speak the truth, and our honesty produces fantastic videos.

see how we roll katie blue laptop

Revolution Productions is based in the UK and Buenos Aires, giving us a dynamic culture and constant creative content. We’re boutique in nature and yeah, we think we’re pretty cool. When you’re surrounded by creative-type, how can you not think you’re cool.

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