What is an Explanatory Video?

Quite simply, an explanatory video is a short online video that is used to tell the story of a company’s product or service. They are often found on landing pages, company websites and product pages and can be used for promotional, educational or internal purposes.

In short, an explainer video is an effective way to make a memorable impression on your audiences and quickly provide them with the information they need to understand a new concept or make a decision.

Why Use an Explanatory Video?

Online explanatory videos can be used in a number of ways, but ultimately they are used to entertain, educate and engage. Here are some of the top advantages of an animated explainer video.

  •  Increase conversion rates & boost sales
  •  Captivate & maintain viewer attention
  •  Send a clear and concise message
  •  Improve SEO search ranking
  •  Strong social shareability

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